If your child were born deaf, would you get them a cochlear implant?

The question was posed on Quora: If your child were born deaf, would you get them a cochlear implant? This was my reply.

Absolutely. I speak to this issue as someone who lost the bulk of his hearing due to spinal meningitis at the age of 10 months in the 1960s. I spent the next three years failing to develop critical language skills as a result of living with hearing loss.
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Out For a Walk

A man is out for a walk in his neighborhood in an affluent niche of Silicon Valley, a lovely historic district home to a vibrant downtown scene, surrounded by loads of charming old homes lovingly restored and maintained, interspersed with attractive new construction here and there. It’s late afternoon on a bright, sunny day.

As he approaches the driveway of a downtown parking lot, a police car screeches out in front of him, blocking his way; he notices a shadow on the sidewalk in front of him cast by a police officer rushing up from behind, shouting at him. Several other police officers run up from different directions, all shouting at him.
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The BSA’s LGBT Ban By The Numbers

For those wondering what’s behind the BSA’s continuing ban on LGBT folks, here are some numbers for you. The organizations that sponsor the most troops and/or have the greatest enrollment of Scouts exert greater influence over national policy.

According to the “2011 Boy Scouts of America Local Council Index,” as of December 31, 2011, 55% of Boy Scouts were registered to a troop chartered by one of the top six faith-based institutional* sponsors of Scouting:
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An Open Letter to BSA National Leadership

Ladies and Gentlemen:

As an Eagle Scout, the BSA’s continuing ban on the membership of gay and lesbian Scouts and Scouters saddens me beyond measure. The BSA’s position on this matter is a clear violation of its own Declaration of Religious Principles, in which it states that “it is absolutely nonsectarian in its attitude toward … religious training.”
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Top Ten Reasons Facebook Has a Limit of 5,000 Friends

So, today I discovered that someone has created a group on Facebook entitled “Petition Facebook To Raise The Maximum Friends Count.” The number of friends one may have on Facebook is currently capped at 5,000. At this writing, the group has 2,990 members, all of whom are gravely concerned about this limitation on their social networking capacity.

In fact, an active discussion in the forums of this group is, “Why do you think Facebook has a limit of 5,000 friends?”

In reply to this question, the “Top Ten Reasons Facebook Has a Limit of 5,000 Friends”, as compiled by the home office. (With apologies to David Letterman.)
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CERT Update: Disaster Preparedness

Recently a friend of mine posted a thought online. “Do you have an emergency meetup plan for you and loved ones in case you are separated in a disaster? Earthquake, flood, etc.?” This stay-at-home mother of two young girls went on to muse about being out and about on everyday errands when disaster strikes, possibly separating her from her husband and her two girls, each in their normal day-time locales: work and school. Maybe she’d be at the grocery store. Communications have been disrupted. Roads are impassable. How do you reunite with family, let alone make contact with them?
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