Tales from the Checkstand: Feelings

A man approaches with a striking arrangement of perfect roses in a very pretty and unique vase from our Floral Department. He’s a well-built stocky guy: short, blond, well-groomed, tight t-shirt, bulging muscles. Kind of a classic gym bunny look.

He places the flowers and a box of Fran’s salted caramels down in front of me with sort of a grim look on his face; almost a frown.
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Top Ten Reasons Facebook Has a Limit of 5,000 Friends

So, today I discovered that someone has created a group on Facebook entitled “Petition Facebook To Raise The Maximum Friends Count.” The number of friends one may have on Facebook is currently capped at 5,000. At this writing, the group has 2,990 members, all of whom are gravely concerned about this limitation on their social networking capacity.

In fact, an active discussion in the forums of this group is, “Why do you think Facebook has a limit of 5,000 friends?”

In reply to this question, the “Top Ten Reasons Facebook Has a Limit of 5,000 Friends”, as compiled by the home office. (With apologies to David Letterman.)
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