Tales from the Checkstand: Lemonade

On the first or second day of a 3-4 day forecasted heatwave, with temps expected to rise as high as the mid-90s, two young gentlemen, 12-ish in age, approach my checkstand carrying two YUUUUGE bags of large lemons (32 @ PLU4053), a 5-pound sack of sugar, and a bag of ice (PLU804).

As I’m ringing them up, I look them over and remember the heatwave happening outside; I decide I must have a couple of budding entrepreneurs in front of me.

“Lemonade stand?” I inquire.

Big smiles and nods. “Yep.”

“Where you settin’ up shop?”

“Fauntleroy.” (A very busy street nearby.)

“Smart. Good luck!”

The rest of the afternoon I let folks know that if they were heading home via Fauntleroy, they might see a lemonade stand run by two enterprising young locals & fellow West Seattle Thriftway customers.

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