Top Ten Reasons Facebook Has a Limit of 5,000 Friends

So, today I discovered that someone has created a group on Facebook entitled “Petition Facebook To Raise The Maximum Friends Count.” The number of friends one may have on Facebook is currently capped at 5,000. At this writing, the group has 2,990 members, all of whom are gravely concerned about this limitation on their social networking capacity.

In fact, an active discussion in the forums of this group is, “Why do you think Facebook has a limit of 5,000 friends?”

In reply to this question, the “Top Ten Reasons Facebook Has a Limit of 5,000 Friends”, as compiled by the home office. (With apologies to David Letterman.)

10. Because it’s a reasonable number.

9. Because no one has 5,000 actual friends in this life.

8. Because who on earth could keep up with the newsfeed of 5,000 or more people?

7. Because the number of friends one has on Facebook is likely inversely proportional to the quality of their off-line life? (if they have one.)

6. Because someone with 5,000 friends on Facebook almost certainly never leaves their computer, and that’s not healthy.

5. Because MySpace already exists for collecting friends.

4. Because people with more than 5,000 friends are often pedophiles.

3. Because no more than a handful of people on this planet really care about your hourly mood swings.

2. Because no one needs to be told you are single if you have over 5,000 friends on Facebook; it’s a given!

and the number one reason Facebook has a limit of 5,000 friends:

1. Because someone who wants to have more than 5,000 friends on Facebook is a professional spammer!

originally published on Facebook