Word on the Street: Soup

In my new job, I have the opportunity to engage with people from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe as they visit “my downtown.” Today is my first on the job and I am in training all day; I am also in uniform, which means folks know what my role is.

On my lunch break, I was asked by a man in a wheelchair if I would go down the block to the Walgreen’s to see if they have “those soups you pour hot water over” and find out how much they were and if there was tax on them.

Now, I was on a break returning from grabbing a sandwich and hastening two blocks to the office to get out of view because I’m still in training. But I’ve been in training all morning stressing how visible we are in our uniforms, how we are here working for everyone we see. So what could I do? I hurried down to Walgreen’s, found out that the cups of noodles are $1.29 and $0.69 each; store workers didn’t know if they are taxable.

I returned to the man and he was thrilled that they had one for $0.69 and I imagine he was on his way down there as I made my way back to the office.

First of many interesting encounters to come, I’m sure.